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We do all we can to make our children feel safe so they learn to trust. We give them love so they can pass on this love. We teach them to be courageous so they become self-confident. As a mum you always want to support your child and be a role model in every possible way.

And of course you only want what’s best for your family. Especially when it comes to creams that are applied directly to the skin. However, many "child-friendly" cosmetics in funny colourful packages unfortunately not only contain euphonic caring agents – they are also full of allergens or in the worst case even carcinogenic substances. Therefore, it is all the more important to understand that chemicals in cosmetics can have just as drastic consequences for our health as do food additives we ingest. For growing kids the storage of such toxins in the body can have serious consequences.

And yet, mums’ cosmetics products are just too interesting for little princesses. To resist the temptation to give everything a try – it’s virtually impossible. Mathilda loves bubble baths, Pauline Mum’s red lipstick and Emma is crazy about body lotions. Personal care is not only fun, it’s also especially important in childhood. After all, the skin is not only the largest human organ, in functional terms it is also the greatest all-rounder. It protects against environmental influences, contributes to metabolic processes and is involved in immunology – an important task, especially for small bodies. Without proper care, children’s sensitive skin is helplessly exposed to harmful environmental influences and those act much stronger on children’s delicate skin than on adults. To maintain and strengthen the skin’s natural protective function, the supply of sufficient moisture is particularly important so that scaly patches, redness or unpleasant itching don’t have a chance.

Nevertheless, children’s skin care is a sensitive issue because it has special demands. In the end you’re confused what products not only ensure the correct care but also exclusively consist of safe and natural ingredients.

This is why we want to help you protect and preserve what is important to you: the health of our children and the nature in which they grow up.

Bye toxins, hello healthy skin!

Our products are made from natural, renewable raw materials with a variety of positive characteristics and contain lots of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. They help to protect the skin from external influences and restore its natural balance. All products are specifically designed for the sensitive skin of babies and children and help it to build up its own protective function. The high-quality substances stimulate the skin’s metabolism and let the skin breathe freely. All Belle & Fleurelle children’s products guarantee optimal skin compatibility and are 100% free from:

v Mineral oil

v Silicon

v Colourants

v Fragrances

v Animal product


v Preservatives

v Alcohol

v Allergens



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