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That’s all it takes for chemicals in your skin care products to enter your bloodstream. And unfortunately that’s not all. They can spread to all organs and accumulate there. Not a very nice thought, right?! Above all, this poses a huge risk to our health! With respect to beauty care, it’s amazing what we allow to get in contact with our skin. Most of us are not even aware of how many of these toxic chemicals can enter the body through the skin and are thus able to cause severe damage – now and for years to come.

It’s time to rethink our beauty habits!

We believe that it’s time for a rethinking: Our daily care should do without ingredients that harm our health and environment. We believe that it is time to promote the health of our skin and give it what it really needs in order to maintain healthy. Potentially toxic chemicals should have nothing whatsoever to do with products we use for our daily beauty routine and even worse, during pregnancy.

After all, chemicals from cosmetics can have the same drastic consequences for our health as dangerous food additives.

Naturally derived ingredients are not only better for our health, they also deliver impressive results.

Our body is our temple, so we try hard to provide you with the best care possible. We say goodbye to dangerous ingredients that are bad for your health. Unloved cellulite, stretch marks and sagging, dry skin: You are history as well!

Green high tech is the current magic formula for beauty. Our new generation of eco-cosmetics is not only glamorous, it is also highly effective: We make use of natural substances in such a way as to make them optimally absorbed by the skin while pleasing us with a luxurious consistency as well as their bio-actively streamlining, protecting and concealing properties.

During pregnancy many women suffer from dry skin and unpleasant stretch marks that are caused by a weakening of the elastic tissues while the belly grows. Therefore our lotion is responsive to the skin\'s special demands and providing extra moisture and care for mommys-to-be.

A power cocktail of caffeine, arabica bean oil and algae extract provides effective treatment against fat cells and ensures vasodilation so that blood circulation is improved. An optimal nutritional care supports skin\'s elasticity and thus, the fight against stretch marks. Furthermore, the appearance of cellulite is reduced to a minimum.

Additional, our high quality complex of active ingredients, which includes coconut oil, shea butter, hyaluronic acid and almond oil, provides intense moisture and also supports the prevention of stretch marks.

A new generation of skincare products – for healthy and beautiful skin.



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