Our promise

NO. 01

100% natural and nontoxic ingredients

Our products are our statement. We believe it’s about time to promote the health of our skin and give it what it really needs in order to remain healthy. Questionable synthetic or even potentially toxic chemicals do not belong in products we use for our daily skincare. Naturally derived ingredients are not only much better for our health, they also deliver impressive results. We use natural treasures to bring the skin back into balance and make it beam.


NO. 02

Quality commitment 

From research to development to production process, we accompany each product from start to finish and ensure the highest quality at every step. Our team of industry experts works on each and every recipe with great passion and dedication so that we can provide you with the best care for your skin. Each ingredient fulfils a specific purpose and delivers targeted results.


NO. 03

Our recipes

Each of our products contains 26-33 active ingredients. Most cosmetic formulations contain only one to three active ingredients. The harmonious combination of our exquisite ingredients has brought about an organic power skincare range. We limit ourselves to the essentials and as much as possible avoid everything that may cause hypersensitivity reactions. No reputable product can guarantee 100% tolerability given that any person may respond to any ingredient. That is why we recommend you to carefully check our ingredients lists for known incompatibilities. 

NO. 04

Our claim

Our products are consistently natural and certified accordingly. Nevertheless, they provide a luxurious look and feel and are excellent when it comes to performance. Based on the latest scientific research, our formulations have been developed with the most advanced natural skincare technology: luxurious active cosmetics made of purely natural ingredients. Production exclusively takes place in Germany in our laboratory controlled by Ecocert. A respectful interaction with the environment is one of our basic conceptions: from procurement of raw materials to packaging we consistently pursue a sustainable corporate policy.


NO. 05


We guarantee an environmentally friendly method of production and mainly use cold-pressed, organically grown oils that were neither heated nor chemically neutralised in fragrance and colour. In addition, we avoid the use of synthetic ingredients the long-term effects of which are basically unknown as well as components of animal origin. In order to protect nature and the environment, substances that are not easily biodegradable are prohibited and animal testing.is excluded.


NO. 06


Our promise is skincare that works: We combine advanced skincare technology with natural healing powers. The secret of Belle & Fleurelle lies in the harmonious combination of active ingredients. We only use selected ingredients that respect the skin’s integrity, support your skin\'s own protective function and promote cell activity.

The result is an organic power skincare range that regenerates, revitalises and strengthens. Blemishes, wrinkles or cellulite will be fought by active ingredients.

NO. 07

Our packaging

For us as a natural cosmetics company, protecting the environment is a special concern. We consider not only environmentally friendly production conditions, but also sustainable packaging.

Our packaging and packaging materials are environmentally safe and recyclable. The product packaging consists of 2 elements: The interior, a 100% recyclable plastic container, and a cardboard box, which is made from 100% recycled cardboard and woodfree labels.

All packaging materials, so our boxes, tape and packaging materials are also environmentally friendly and mainly made from recycled paper. They can be disposed in the paper bin.


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