Witch Hazel

INCI: Hamamelis Virginiana Extract


Origin: The Hamamelis Virginiana Extract is won from the bark, leaves and twigs of the bush-like growing deciduous tree


Function: Anti-inflammatory, wound healing, scavengers


Applications: Oily and blemished skin, skin problems


Features: The witch hazel is one of the most effective and oldest medicinal plants in the world. It contains an unusually high concentration of tannins, which contract the upper layers of tissue and make the skin more resistant


Usage: Skin problems, skin protection

Hamamelis Virginiana Extract

The Hamamelis Virginiana extract is produced from the North Amrican Witch-hazel shrub. Since the shrub is able to hurl away his hidden in hard capsules seeds magically up to ten meters, it is also known as "witch hazel".

Magical is not only the natural spectacle the medicinal plant offers. In cosmetics, an extract of the leaves and bark of the Hamamelis shrub is used for various skin problems. It has astringent, anti-inflammatory and tonic properties.

The tannins of the plant are not only for self-protection, they also react with human proteins and have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory components, which are used in traditional medicine for herpes, shingles, sunburn, hives, muscle pain, eczema and abscesses.

They also constrict the pores, so the sebum can be reduced. Together with the anti-inflammatory effect of the witch hazel, this causes fewer impurities. The skin may be come more resistant and smoother, the pores finer.

Also to mention is its demonstrated ability to reduce UVB light-induced DNA damage to the cells.

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