Olive Squalane

INCI: Squalane

Origin: Squalane is a high quality oil, which is obtained from the olive



Function: Emollient, moisturizing, skin-smoothing



Features: Outstanding is the squalane’s spreadability compared to other oils. It is very easy to spread on the skin, moisturizes, produces a very soft, silky feel and is non-greasy. Therefore, it is an ideal base for make-up



Usage: Moisturizer


Squalane is a transparent, completely odorless oil, which is extracted from olives. But it is also a natural component of our skin, more precisely, an essential component of the skin\'s hydro-lipid film.

Squalane moisturizes and ensures that other lipids, thus skin\'s own fats do not oxidize. It is able to convert free radicals in molecular oxygen. Squalane produces a very soft, silky feel and is non-greasy. It easily spreads on the skin and is completely non-irritating. It also influences the absorption behavior of other cosmetics positive, and is an ideal base for makeup. Squalane is a very high quality fabric, which is, due to cost reasions, only available in a few cosmetic products.



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