INCI: Propanediol

Origin: Corn sugar



Function: moisturizing, antimicrobial



Features: Well-tolerated moisturizer



Usage: Surfactant, replaces harmful preservatives



When researching Propanediol it often comes to very contradictory statements. This is due to the fact that there are different types of propanediol, which can be synthesized from different materials. Of course, our Propanediol is not derived from petroleum, but is 100% natural. It is rather a novel ingredient that is used in cosmetics as a surfactant and has an antimicrobial effect. Our Propenediol has the ability to bind water. This property causes that the skin is supplied with moisture. The skin is not only better moisturized but also appears more radiant and feels well-cared. Due to its natural texture, our Propanediol is not only an acceptable moisturizer, but also ensures that we can do without harmful preservatives.

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