INCI: Caffeine

Origin: Seeds of the coffee tree


Function:  Firming, smoothing, draining, emollient, stimulates blood circulation


Application: Cellulite, prevention of skin ageing


Features:  Caffeine drains the tissue and simultaneously activates an enzyme that helps to split and dismantle fat. These properties make caffeine an extremely effective substance to combat and prevent cellulite


Usage: Anti-cellulite


A valuable ingredient in skin care products and multi-talented: caffeine slows skin ageing, tightens the body and reduces puffiness. The beauty all-rounder helps to reduce and drain the fatty tissue. The skin tightens and becomes smooth.

Responsible for the beautifying effects of coffee is especially the circulation-stimulating effect of caffeine: It ensures that the cells are particularly well supplied with oxygen and nutrients and get enough energy to renew themselves. Since caffeine has a diuretic effect on the tissue and furthermore activates an enzyme which is able to cleave fat, this methylxanthine is especially demanded in creams against the annoying orange skin.


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