INCI: Silica

Origin: Mineral



Function:  Supports the connective tissue, activates cell metabolism, inhibiting the ageing process in human tissue, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory



Application: Skin problems, cellulite, prevention of skin ageing



Features:  Silica can bind 300 times its own weight in water, reactivates cellular metabolism of the connective tissue and causes cells to divide. This results in a new cell growth as well as the rejection of obsolete cells, which makes a significant rejuvenation of the skin and of the connective tissue possible



Usage: Anti acne, anti-ageing, anti-cellulite



Silica is a "bridging element" for the four constitutive macromolecules within the connective tissue of our skin and a true natural product. It is found in the form of fossil diatoms, of pebbles, quartz, rock crystal and many plants. Its active silicon, is after oxygen, the second most abundant element on earth and gives the skin its mechanical properties. Silica is an essential trace mineral in our bodies and reorganizes our skin structure, in which it causes by means of siloxane bonds an increase in volume of the skin depressions between the glycoproteins.

Due to its firming and stabilizing properties, the silica is also considered as a good "rejuvenating agent". In fact, it can even achieve an improvement in earlier wrinkling and sagging. Silicon helps to build up new connective tissues and strengthens the resistance of the skin. Its barrier layer is becoming stable and elastic again.

In addition, it is also an excellent remedy for healing of bacterial inflammation.


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