White Clay

INCI: Kaolin

Origin: Mineral


Function: Cleansing, fat absorbent


Application: Blemished skin


Features:  White Clay is the purest naturally occurring clay and very fine. Clay contains many nutrients and minerals and binds toxins to itself and neutralizes them. Therfore kaolin has anti-inflammatory and decongestant characteristics


Usage: Skin cleansing


White clay or kaolin is an iron-free potassium silicate compound with a high proportion of kaolinite and the purest naturally occurring mineral clay. Kaolin is a natural product without any chemical or other additives.

From a mineralogical point of view, clay is a naturally pure loess, a rock that is caused by the destruction of other rocks and was subsequently deposited. As the clay is extracted from great depths, it is practically germ-free and consists essentially of quartz grains, minerals and trace elements.

In cosmetics, kaolin is used for the cleaning and grease-absorbing effect for blemished skin. Here, kaolin absorbs excess sebum and gently removes the blemishes.

Since it is very mild, it is ideal for sensitive and mature skin, but also for babies as sebum compensation to prevent skin irritation.

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