INCI: Bisabolol

Origin:  Originally known from chamomile, Bisabolol is obtained today from the bark of Candeia tree which is native to Brazil


Function:  Anti-inflammatory, soothing, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal


Application:  Dry and sensitive skin


Features:  Bisabolol is a healing-promoting agent which is very well suited for sensitive, impure and problematic skin. Unlike cosmetics with chamomile, Bisabolol has a significantly lower allergy rate but achieving the same effect


Usage: Care of sensitive skin, baby care


Bisabolol is a natural substance which was first isolated from chamomile flowers. The anti-inflammatory effect of Bisabolol extracts has long been known. Bisabolol inhibits the messengers of the inflammatory response and therefore also has a calming effect on irritated skin.

It is a very good alternative to chamomile extracts, since it is less allergenic and has a better quantifiable effectiveness.

Bisabolol acts antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and can influence the cellular metabolism through special plant enzymes, so that a renewal of skin cells can be stimulated. This condition can reduce signs of aging and contribute a more rapid healing of skin irritations. Due to these possibilities Bisabolol is a known cure not only in the beauty treatment, but also in supporting the medical treatment of acne. Bisabolol is used in the case of skin inflammation, which are caused by bacteria or other microorganisms.

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