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In nature we can trust: This was my motto when I developed a new awareness for my skin care and when it came to a change in priorities during my first pregnancy. I had very intensively dealt with various cosmetics manufacturers and the ingredients they use and was horrified to notice that most of my products were full of potentially hazardous chemicals. Questionable not only for my health, but above all also for the tiny one in my belly.

And all too often I had fallen for alleged natural cosmetics. Cosmetics that are declared natural but are the exact opposite in many cases: a chemical mace and health hazard. Because what is claimed on the packaging is often not the truth. And then there is a number of manufacturers that do offer a good natural base, but unfortunately use numerous irritants, and there are others whose products simply could not convince me. Looking for appropriate skincare products I had to compromise again and again. Once I had learned to understand and evaluate the ingredients, the range of great products was negligible and suddenly I felt taken for a ride by most advertising promises. Was it really that difficult to produce effective natural cosmetics? And why couldn’t they be more glamorous?

After all: NO, I do not want to have chemicals on my skin, and NO, the products should not be totally unsexy, please. To me, natural cosmetics have always had the whiff of home-made hemp sandals. I can’t help being a freak for great designs, I simply want my beauty products to have an elegant appearance. The cosmetics I actually used were well hidden in the bathroom drawer while the beautiful yet empty pots adorned my shelves. Pretty crazy, isn’t it?"

Are these two worlds really mutually exclusive? Wasn’t it possible to produce an organic product that is also a delight with respect to quality, performance and look? Great and ecological? Sustainable and luxurious? Skincare that does not only sell illusions but also prevails by quality and impact? And one that is also responsive to the skin\'s special requirements during pregnancy?

Since I was convinced that this must be possible, I, a former fashion editor and designer, established the organic skincare line Belle & Fleurelle together with my husband Joachim in 2015.

We have proven that it is well possible to combine both worlds: a highly effective and ecological skincare range that consists of only the best ingredients, one that feels good and looks good. Developed with a team of top experts and a great deal of love and passion.


Love, Rebecca Tatarczyk




About Belle & Fleurelle Rebecca and Joachim Tatarczyk

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